AIM Is Back! AOL Instant Messenger Revived (AIM Phoenix By Wildman Productions)

What is up guys and girls today I'm talking about something pretty cool. We're going to go through some websites here, real quick, but to get to the chase any Wells instant messenger is back, and it's under the name of a M Phoenix made by wild man productions. It has risen from the ashes now called AI m, Phoenix.

The popular messaging application from the late 90s and early 2000s back. But this time it's not run by America online, though aim uses the same software. Loyal fans grew up with the reincarnated.

Service is run by wild man productions a non-profit gaming development team. Wild man Productions is a non-profit development team for enhancements to the game populace the beginning and the fan based sequel populist TC that's, right. This development team started off by resurrecting some old games making servers. So people could play them online, even though they weren't officially supported by the original developers. Now they have an announcement. And this was last year, but it's gaining traction.Currently, with more and more people logging on to AI m, although this news is a bit old wild man productions is proud to announce our latest to large undertaking the resurrection of AOL instant messenger while AOL may have given up on the venerable communications platform. We are not satisfied with that answered and have developed an emulated server platform to continue using our chatting method of choice, get in on the action that I wore DNS done that /a I'm.

And as you can see guys, I am live on. The am servers I am live on the aim servers are you it doesn't appear that this person's online, but that's. Okay, I have two other online buddies, how we go over here, and we can see that they do actually support a variety of different pieces of software.

So it says that all official AI, m, clients up to five point. Nine, IA. I am light and a IM pro offer basic functionality. They am clients 5.0 and up support group chat, 5.1 and older support direct cable connection. It works in 5.2, plus, but disconnects after a. Few moments' pigeon clients, pigeon was an AI invariance to the server is disabled when you're using SSL and client login, Miranda IM does work idiom 1.3.1. And older with encryption are disabled older versions of chat do work and Pie m4v OS 5 does work.

And we can see the downloads here, I'm you're currently using 5.0, and I've, tried 5.1, but I did not like it. It didn't work, and it froze up, but other people have done it to work and other versions to work as well there's a lot of support of different. Things here for the software, and you can even use the official Phoenix, AI em download if you'd like to by going to downloads click in Phoenix and downloading this here. However, a few features are disabled on the interface so that you can only use the things that currently work. Whereas if you're using an older version like 5.0, the buttons will all work. You can click everything, except that doesn't mean that it will actually work on the server side. So that might be a little complicated to people.

That aren't familiar with technology, but essentially what it means is that even if you click a certain button on the program, it doesn't mean that it's going to send anything to your buddy. Now you can see they have a form setup. We have news and announcements. They have general discussion, and we have a helpline if you have any issues. Now something cool about this also is that Wildman productions tried to revive Yahoo with why exclamation point forever or y-squared.

Welcome back to the golden era of. Yahoo, messenger 6.0, some versions of five point, whatever have been reported to also work. However, this server is still under early development. And there are bugs. It is not really in a production format and so it's, not recommended that you actually use the yahoo messenger right now Wildman production, obviously, as we said before revive to the popular game, populist and that's, pretty cool that they actually did that, and they even want to step further by making a map editor for populous as. Well as a sprite workshop to create custom sprites and things for that game. So wild man Productions is well known for reviving old projects and I think it's, very, very cool that they do that.

In fact, I would definitely right you guys check it out if you're wanting to use the old-school AI, m, it's, obviously going to get better over time. And eventually they hope to have a large community of people still using old AI, am I using the modern Phoenix interface or program to actually connect and being able. To chat with online, thanks so much for watching this video and I hope you enjoyed it.

Dated : 22-Mar-2022