Armadons Tigre De Batalla E Hydra Dragon Transform

How do you look? What I have here been some robots that transform this is a fighting tiger. And this is a hydra dragon. You have to take them out of the boxes to see what they do look it's like a cube.

And the box says that it will transform, yes, we let it fall. Let's. See what happens if we drop it, or it transformed. It has three heads. Look one, two, three, look.

It's a dragon. It has wings to fly, how nice how about we open the other one? If you think EF here is the other one look I, think, so you know open. You have to press the button let's, see what it does haha. It also works as a bracelet.

It also as a wheel and a little button. Let's, see the emails let's go fast. This is faster than the ea of escapes. We battle 1 times who is going to win who is going to win who is going to win I want to win who do you think will win everything 321 now, it's, not close.

What are you doing? Because you don't run straight, but I, like it? Sorry, I, don't, allow that pretty armed, but that's all p, or today, remember to. Subscribe to the channel and give us a thumbs up more videos from the click to there than this one who is top right until next time.

Dated : 22-Mar-2022