Barriga De Grávida Para Barbie - Como Fazer

Hi guys, how are you today I'm going to make a very different video from the videos? I'm used to doing today, I'm going to make a lot of pregnant barbies, that's, right, I'm going to be making a pregnant belly for the new dolls, it's, very easy to make this belly I found the very cool result. I hope you like the video too so let's start. The first thing we are going to have to make the dough that will serve as a mold for our belly. Those who follow the channel's videos have seen the smoke made several. Times it's called shorty biscuit, cold, I love this dough because it's easy to make. It's super easy to model.

And the best thing is it lasts for years. If you keep it properly and keeping it every time, it will last for many years as I've shown this recipe, many times I won't show detail by detail. But the very simple recipe, you need a small cup of wheat flour, a small cup of cornstarch, which is cornstarch a small cup of glue, a spoon of body moisturizer.

It can be any type of moisturizer. It can be. Sunscreen, whatever you have at home after that just mix mix mix until the dough is very elastic. You will notice that your dough has reached the point when you notice that the dough helps to model, and you can do what you want with it. So it was easy to shape the dough it's done well done, but it's time to start as I don't want to get dirty or ruin. My beard, I'll use cling film around my doll.

In case, you don't have paper film uses another bag, even aluminum foil, but be careful because the basin cannot. Transfer your doll's body after all, our goal is to make a pregnant doll and not spoil our doll. Now, it's time, I think it's cool to model the belly from our cap I took nylon thread, but you can choose any type of thread.

It could be Lampard. It would have any kind of thread I took it difficult because it is transparent. Both you have, and you won't, they don't use any type of thread, preferably the bed film, a thread that resembles the color of the beard, although the belly in the Vasco is wide open. Most. Of the time, but it's interesting to have a uniform color, or finally, you make a ball shape. It doesn't have to be anything very symmetrical, make a ball with the woods and film phase I, don't have this ball, because we are going to use this thread to tie our doll's belly.

So we need two sides. So I'm going to model one ball will shape a kind of ball, a drumstick something similar like I'm doing there after that. You will put this little clay in your doll's belly. It is important to model on the doll. Because if you model it only by hand, it won't match the size and the belly won't it's going to be really cool, I think now it will make you understand better what I'm talking about. So look at a little ball, a thread in the middle two lakes. And now it's time to start modeling the ab support your doll.

You can choose the size you want to see the shape you want after all, Not one belly of grateful is the same as the other each belly has the shape I made mine. And you decide yours, it's, easy, right? Look. How boring this is dough because it takes a little while to dry, average about 24 hours. So you needed a little patience in case, you don't want to do anything with this dough, but it's a pity, because you can do practically everything with it. You can do little you can make chicken who Haven't seen the videos. Then take a look at them and take a look at every nice food.

You can make personas my personal it's important. The paper you are using around the doll's body, be able to model a paper, doll's body. Very well, not accompany the body from barbie, your belly will be crooked. So when modeling on top of barbie's body, my first attempt at a pregnant belly, I didn't do it on top of the body. I did just about the shape of the size that I thought was cool. And it didn't work.

It was terrible on my belly. Another significant thing is that each barbie has a body type. I, for example, I have 56 barbies. Each one has a different body. So cars in case, you want to make several pregnant barbies it's significant that you. Use a mold for each barbie has its specific use a personalized belly for each barbie.

And look at that, I already have almost a lot of pregnant parks. Look how? Well they turned out to model Dino's belly. You just need to be patient to dry talking that I always forget to tell you this one. But yes, we can keep it for up to a month as long as it doesn't have contact with the air I, always wear it on cling film that way I don't have to make the clay all the time, but I eat. It later after a few days, it. Gets a little soft, I, don't know why I add a little cornstarch wheat flour, and it goes back to normal texture.

If it gets dry, add a little more moisturizer. It also returns to its normal texture. Then you will never need to do this one again. But it was there all the time. And after many hours, it's, ok, booed exaggerating it wasn't that many hours it was like 24 hours, maybe 28, but it's also not that so fast. Well, anyway, her belly is not completely dry because I think it will need about 48 hours or even.

A little longer not to get completely hard belly, but it is still possible to work with her, but be careful because the film can't tear the belly. So you need to make sure it's really dry, You can see there are different types and possibilities for you to paint your belly. It can be nail polishes, preferably through a playful way that closely resembles the barbie's skin color, It can be low. If you don't have it under this color, you get a similar color or mix it until you get to the skin color, Just. Start mixing the dot of paints of several colors, TES will already form a little foot of the purest best add a little white until you get a nice texture of paint and the option that I like to use the most to paint in this type of dough is the eye shadow.

Of course, it has to be a shade of old eyes, an eye shadow. You don't use it anymore. What do you take the marronzinho fees and put color according to the color of your barbie it's, very easy to get a pleasant belly shape using just?

Eyeshadow if you don't have the use, you have at home as I always say, important to use your imagination. Now, it's just a pregnant barbies' girl pregnant and running to play, but there's a detail to be very careful when tying. So as not to make our blind or a nylon thread it's a little difficult to make a blind knot. One more throw be careful. Because if you cut this thread you'll practically lose your belly because it's stuck to the biscuit square, just be careful with it and let it see more Any. Recommendation I think, it's, not a little patience to tie it's, not difficult to tie.

And then I don't cut see bigger hides in the middle of the clothes because you'll need a big thread, I think, it's better. So Rio Grande than a film, too short to tie guys, I hope. You liked the result. Whoever wants to know what the video of the week will be before. The video goes live is under follow on Instagram. Also, take the opportunity to like the case page, these kits on Facebook to follow what people are doing at.

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Dated : 22-Mar-2022