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This is Selamunaleykm Welcome, I understood that we were listening, I'm in your corner, My love, now I'm going to ask you some questions, How many thousand is the monthly diaper consumption of Aka kale Municipality, 270,000., You, didn't, know, right?, 170,000 Next time, with a bonus, 171. 170 thousand are not just about emphasizing like this, very cool, FedEx, our friends who really call and congratulate us. I didn't, break it because you're only going out for one TOK., Yes, TED, Talks will scorch the. Ground., Uncle, I have Counter Strike, it's, not over, but is it not that much ?

Yes, I learned that it is 295 liras, send it to me. I, really, respect, you., Let me. Look at this topic as I am interested in We made 3 friendship shows. And we consulted to determine the price, And one of us, said, "You get 30 liras" I said, it's, 25, what's, it?, 11.30 and half I eat Alexander. It was a silence between them.

Let me be a little again, import is in the future. , I said, get 20. I, said, he'll, put it at 5. O'clock, they said, he's, hungry., He, throws it, roll. It again, my brother, He said, don't get me wrong. I don't want money from you buy me food right now.

I said, that's, all I didn't, ask for money anymore, Isn't, it time Ha, Saturated, water. Come I can see you are full Ha and drink soda. Try something different Yes. Well. I. Did it on this old TV I, tried the lieu sign of it. Now as a resilience, That joke, it came very sustainable.

The first time I told it, the second time it's, good, maybe the audience can be. Renewed, I, don't know about it A, very nice night, Right here, Right Now, it's, a bit ambitious, in my opinion, all the slogans are too ambitious Triton that they can't claim right now. Right Arrow key We can't, be together, But how come we have to sit down, brother, kisses, let's, talk for a minute, If the minute I'm going out, isn't, clear, I postponed, it forever. Wait, a minute, brother, Let me do a foot thing, don't make a foot, so I'm, an incredibly lazy, person, I found that it passed from my father to. My father now. When, he says, what are you doing, He answers like this r often stops, So to exist Its enough action for him. It has a volume.

It's, a lie. What else. Should it take up space?? What should I do? I gave the answer I'm showing how many. But now it's time to do something, But there are some programs on every phone that can't stick you in society after a certain age.

It's, not like how you didn't die, that's right. Uncle is exactly 95 years old. And he is still chopping wood, cheek. Remains, chopping, wood, ,, mulberry, attack, and don't. Talk about talking to his wife in the back, Don't talk about the one-person pumpkin, He really has the right to talk, uncle, They are walking around with his wife, They are visiting the house, Furthermore, they are confused, Furthermore, they are confused, get life with weed, boil it and say, I will get cold. There are a formulas, aunt's, right? Uncle's ark.

Just her voice comes from the island. Huh, Her heart, doesn't, goes away, So stress, comes, She died when she was hiding, So. The village knows, So she died about me, An old man asked me what time it was. In. This piece, you don't say, 85., He said to this medium, What time is it exactly?

Bristle, These may be medicine, medicine time later, on, Their age is below the genitive age Respect to my teacher, starting from here, think about old age It's, really incredible It's like an exciting game., For example, If you are Superman, all your life is gone, All your life is left, Okay?, You, wake up every morning. And your only goal. Is not to die until the evening, if you miss your medicine game over ha, I have to fall dream risen game over, So there is no reset, the realm in reset, that is, eked Ella Refer, that is, It is very difficult, old age, There were very important, issues, I, really, don't know if they all have the same importance Because on the one hand, There is robotics, There are young people who make robots and challenge. The world, There is someone who designs the Boeing screen. On. The one hand It is also significant.

That I made food with 20 women who said that they sold it to tourists. It is also significant. It is also significant, If we make a robot for everyone., Who will cook the food, of course, If it is not a food processor, It can also be done, This is very significant. Robotics are really significant, but I don't like information, I, couldn't, digest, artificial intelligence., But, I, really, love, it. Come, It seems like real intelligence is making me, dull. I missed the sign.

A few times when I was asking the. Navigation., I will go to Istanbul as much as the apartment. That idiot, who knows too much, let's, look into it for you There was a washing machine.

Advertisement. Artificial Intelligence is tough, The man's wife is dating Start, the man throws a party at home, something spills on the laundry tablecloth, He picks it up on the desktop, One tablecloth, one thing, detergent, The washing machine is doing something on the other side. I mean, the desktop doesn't fit in the detergent eye anyway, So we. Targeted the housewives, wiping it with a slogan like this, you're married to a , ,, we're, not afraid, it's, like we exist, either, I, can't, digest, it, artificial intelligence, Or even when I said, turn off the computer, even when it asked you "Are, are you sure?" Maybe, I\'m, not sure Maybe, it will stay inside me.

Possibly I'm, not sure, Maybe. It will stay inside me. I won't, be able to sleep every night I'll say, let's, not turn it off now, but I'm, not sure what your head is.

Artificial Intelligence. Every human is a computer that thinks like a human, So it will remind me of my lost humanity. . What about when I'm watching a movie, People are hungry from behind. You've been watching the movie since morning. But. What if it's testing my humanity What, if I'm not wrong three times A, blurry text is there Are you a human in the city Are, you are a human Loan Blurred summer to solve it?

Ask a question, whether it is supportive or not, and artificial intelligence knows it is in demand, It is difficult to. Like, there are all the speakers here, we will like it in this country, You know, the orchestra conductor made something out of the garbage, the brother who brought it from the garbage , or it is easy for him to always do it here in England. So. This is it.

It wouldn't, get applause I mean, If you did it in Turkey, I said, what are you doing, Stop this garbage, What are you doing, be a man, be a little of what night is in the garbage, So we hardly like it. Turkey is our 3rd country with the. Least clicks on the like button on Facebook.

I, threw it out, since no one objected, There is a knowledgeable person. Here., I swear, , . There was a coup in this country. Nobody liked the coup. There is an aunt or something so that I will write fast, Thank you, Thank you.

Dated : 22-Mar-2022