Chasing A Misfire. WHY WON'T YOU FIX?!

We installed an ignition system on this in the last video, and it worked just fine sitting in the car, but I want to make sure that running and driving it's going to be okay. So we're going to take a ride in the car and make sure the ignition system is running great under load and transitions, etc., etc. So I took it for a test drive still breaking up.

I went down look at the time you have my neighbor who works on cars. The baby came over. And I was showing him the issue with the timing jumping back and. Forth jumping back forth like 12, almost 15 degrees. And he looked at the balancer and saw that there's some rubber coming out of there. So the bouncer's, no good and the timing mark might not be right.

So I got the timing set to where the car was running, pretty good, uh, but it's still breaking up high. It runs really strong down low, but up high it's breaking up bad. So right now I pulled a spark plug got a little rag in there I'm going to find top dead center, and I'm, essentially going to start timing. Anything from scratch this little wire right here tony over here was helping me with it. And when he grabbed it, he yanked it super hard, and it fell right up. No, it fell right out.

So I actually crimped it too hard and uh, jacked up the copper, and it pulled right off. So, um, I put a new connection on that, and we're going to fire it up and see what the timing looks like now, because before it was dropping pulses, I figured that was, uh, it had to be an issue like that. So that makes a lot of sense. Let's.

See if it starts fire's right up is that like giving you every pulse you're at eleven and a half roughly, and it's advancing a little sounds, a little better sounds, maybe a little better. I don't know it sounds like it still might be missing though I have to talk, possibly it still needs more adjustment, but it's, getting every it's, getting every flash out of the gun, though, yeah, yeah, it's, not dropping bolsters anymore, like it was, so we'll, give it a little more adjustment and then see what it looks like. Definitely got that wire fixed, and we'll see if that was the problem it's, 200 degrees, definitely running better. It feels like break it up, pretty bad. And it seems rich still breaking up. Bad.

Dang man, it's kind of intermittent it's, not down low it's, trucking, bad down low. And it breaks up top a little. Oh, it's. Driving me. Crazy.

No pretty much same thing. Yeah. I mean, it's, it's, it's, better overall, it's, better overall, but it's still breaking up a lot.

We've pulled the distributor set it back at top dead. Center, essentially starting over from scratch the, so it's, not the distributor it's, not the timing, because we've got that all set, and it runs good. It just feels like it's dropping pulses. And when it sits idling, you can tell that it's just dropping a pulse like here, or there, you can tell it's missing. I don't know why it's missing we checked all the wires all the wires are good connections seem good. So the next step is is I'm going to pull the plugs out of it and see if any plugs are fouled because.

Maybe they're fouled really, really bad. The first one I took out was actually pretty bad I'll show, you let's pull all the spark plugs out, and they are caked with carbon. I don't think that would cause it to run that bad, though, but possibly, so maybe I just need spark plugs, but that wouldn't make any sense because it wasn't doing that before I put the new ignition system on there's oil on some threads. But it doesn't look too. Bad. They're just really they're, just fouled awful from the mixture.

Being rich, okay, I took all the spark plugs out cleaned them. All took a look at all the wires made sure none of them were melted through anywhere. Everything looks good. None of them, look corroded or old or anything. I did take the box off the firewall just on a hunch, probably not going to do anything. But I took the box off the firewall so that I don't know, possibly the because the electronics are all bare back there. So possibly they were shorting on the.

I've I don't know, I'm going to try anything at this. Point so we've got nothing mounted back up let's, see if it changes anything, okay, I'm still seeing I'm still seeing the timing mark jump between two points about 10, 12 degrees apart. It will be going right here on this.

And then it will jump for just one pulse, it'll jump down like 12 degrees. I have no idea what's causing that it's running noticeably better. Since I put the new coil on it and fixed that wire, but it's, not something still ain't, right. Okay. So it's like day, three, I'm trying to fix this. Thing I've been working on it trying to get rid of this, miss, uh, it's breaking up at high rpm, low rpm, bucking doing weird stuff. I went, and I separated the magnetic pickup wires from the distributor from the high voltage wires that are going to the coil.

And these wires are like 480 volts. And this is a low voltage pair right here. So to keep these from inducing voltage in these wires, they were sheathed right here. And I separated them.

I also found that this terminal right here was loose. You. Could pull the wire back and forth. So I crimped that nice and good, and it's solid. Now, I also pulled all the spark plugs and cleaned them up and checked all the wires and all the wires look good. One of the last things I'm going to do because this thing is putting out like, 45, 000 volts, 42 000 volts something to that effect. And I was reading last night that the 5 and seven cylinders.

They fire right next to each other, and they're run right next to each other down here, which originally wouldn't have. Been a big problem because the last ignition is not high voltage ignition. This one's putting out a lot more spark than that. One is so those wires could because they're right next to each other be inducing voltage and cross firing, so I'm going to take that thing apart separate those wires, and then I'm going to take it for another drive and just hope that I finally found what the issue is. I think it's. It could be those.

Uh, wires, cross firing because that's a pretty common issue. But I'm. Gonna separate them right now, take it for a drive, and we'll see that's cross threaded. What how do you cross thread a wire? Separator, let's, just break this off come on who are these people? Yeah, that nut is just spinning in the back there.

There's. Nothing. I can do about that I'll have to break it to get it off, and it's running now it's running super rich.

Now, like 11 12, which doesn't make any sense because earlier it was running like 14 15 yesterday, because I don't know what that's all about. I. Took the air cleaner off, and now it's running like 14, but it's all over the place. Yeah, it's, stupid, rich. Now, like below 10. Seems like it's running better now, but it's so rich, still doing if it's, definitely running better. I mean, it runs it drives, but it's still got a miss here in there.

I can tell it really wants to but something's something's holding it back man. Furthermore, I don't know, what's going on with air fuel. Now, it's like 10, 16 18 on deceleration. I don't know, what's going on man. This is this might be. The most frustrated I've ever been with a car.

I've been working on this for three days, and I just can't, I just can't lick it. I don't know what it is, but I'll get it eventually though I know I'll get it eventually all right, let's, get a good close shot of this spark and see what you guys think of it all right now. This one is with the HDI spark. I've got the Ha completely wired up. This is out of the old system. And when I turn this, I should get spark out of it way harder to see. I don't even know if.

That's going to come through on camera that's, what the spark looks like on the old system. The new one is, uh, very obviously, hotter and has more energy all right. So I can't figure out what this little miss is it's, not like it's, a big, miss it's, just a little just when you're up in the high range.

You've got it under load or within the low range like hard on the throttle. So it doesn't need to run that. Well, in order for me to go to the next step, which is the fuel system. I mean, I just don't, I just don't.

Get it because if I pop this thing on it's, literally like a couple cranks, I barely even have to breathe on it. It fires right up, and it idles relatively smooth, the throttle's, good, and it's, not even warmed up right now. So I'll probably pull the plugs out recap them, an extra 10 000 and then just leave it as is and go to the fuel system. And at some point, I will figure out what that misses at high rpm and at low rpm, uh, under load that just intermittent miss I'm, good I'll, find it eventually. But we.

Need to get to working on this thing, because I can't spend, you know weeks chasing down a problem like this, so it's disappointing, but working on cars, that's how it goes. Sometimes, sometimes you run into something where you have no idea. You just have no idea, and you've tried everything, and rather than essentially rebuilding the entire car, throwing parts at it. It gets too expensive, so I'm going to skip it for now, and we're going to go to the fuel system.

So that is it for this video. Thank you guys. So. Much for watching if you like the videos, please subscribe happy thanksgiving, and I will see you next time.

Dated : 22-Mar-2022