How To Send File From Phone To PC Via Bluetooth - Transfer/Share Photo/Video Through Using Bluetooth

Hey, guys, welcome on into today's video, where we're going to be showing you how to transfer a file over Bluetooth from your smartphone device over to your computer. So the first thing you're going to want to do is a pull down your top bar here. And depending on what phone you're on. It could look a little different. But up in this top area, you should have a Bluetooth option. So you're going to click that and make sure it's turned on.

And once you turn on that Bluetooth, the setting it's gonna pop up this. Extra little page here, it'll show you past paired devices available devices in the area, but you're going to want to make sure that your particular device is discoverable. So that when you turn the Bluetooth on with your computer you're going to be able to discover your phone, so we're going to go ahead and turn that on here. And now we're going to switch over to the PC and get things set over on that side of this process. Now that we have our computer open we're, going to go ahead and turn on Bluetooth and.

Then search for our phone so that we can pair with it and get that file transfer set up and ready to go. So on our Windows, 10, PC, we're going to go ahead and click, the little Cortana search option. And in the search bar, we're gonna start typing Bluetooth. It should be the top option that pops up here. So we're going to go ahead and click on the Bluetooth settings, and then go ahead and turn it on.

And once it's turned on it's going to now be discoverable. So now we're going to add a Bluetooth device. So we're. Gonna click on that, and then we're going to go ahead and click Bluetooth, right there, and now it's going to search for the Bluetooth devices in the area. And as you can see here, our smartphone device pops up, so we're going to go ahead and click on that it's going to start connecting, and you're going to go ahead and click OK on your phone, and then also click connect on your PC. So now your device is connected and ready to go, and it should be paired at this point.

So now we're going to go ahead and click done there. And we're going to exit out of our Bluetooth settings, then we're going to go here over into our show hidden icons option here on our toolbar, we're going to click on that go down to the little Bluetooth device option here, and we're going to click on that it's going to drop down this little menu here. And if we're going to send a file, you click, send file, but we're going to be saving a file because we're going to be getting a file over from our phone on to our PC. So we're going to go ahead and click receive a file. So. Now, the next thing we're going to do is go over to our phone and send a file over Bluetooth now that our PC is ready to accept this file all right.

Guys. I'm back here over on my phone. I took a picture of my cat. It doesn't have to be a photo.

It can also be a video file, but whatever file you want to transfer just go ahead and click on it and find the share option. You can see here at the top of my screen it's. Those three little dots that are connected by the two lines. That's going to be your Share Option.

So once you click, Share, it's going to open up all the different possibilities that you can go ahead and send this picture or video through I have Bluetooth here. So that's, what I'm going to click on once I click, Bluetooth, it's going to look for those devices. I'm going to go ahead and click, my laptop where I'm currently connected to and ready to send the file over. So then once I click that it's going to go ahead and start receiving it over that Bluetooth connection on my PC now, we're back over on our PC. And you can see as soon as we clicked share that photo over the Bluetooth connection to our laptop it's starting to upload. And as soon as this is done loading over on to our PC it's gonna pop up with an option to change the destination folder that this particular picture is going to go to, but we're good with the folder, that's chosen right now. So then we're going to go ahead and click finish.

And then once we click finish it's done the file has been transferred over that's going to wrap up this video. Guys, thanks for stopping on in and subscribe for more.

Dated : 22-Mar-2022