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Hello, friends, I'm, Mario, Warren. And today, I'm going to talk to you about a very interesting topic, latitude and longitude before getting into the topic, fully we'll make a couple of concepts that will be very useful to us. Later, meridians and parallels are geographic concepts that consist of in imaginary lines that are used to orient on the surface of a planet, such as the earth, parallels are horizontal imaginary lines that have an orientation from east to west are perpendicular to the earth's. Axis and decrease in size as they approach, the poles, the line of the equator, it is known as parallels 0 degrees that divides our planet into two equal halves, the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere. The parallels are numbered from zero degrees at the equator to 90 degrees at the North Pole and 90 degrees at the South Pole. The most important parallels are the polar circles and the tropics. The arctic circle is in the Northern Hemisphere and the arctic circle Antarctic polar is in the.Southern Hemisphere with the tropic of cancer is in the Northern Hemisphere and the tropic of Capricorn in the Southern Hemisphere, the meridians are vertical imaginary lines or semicircles that go from the North Pole to the South Pole, each meridian with its respective anti meridian in the form of a circle with reference meridian is the meridian 0 degrees or Greenwich.

Its anti meridian is 180 degrees. Both meridians form a circle that divides the earth, the western hemisphere. And the eastern.

Hemisphere the meridians are numbered from 0 to 180 degrees towards the east and west completing 360 degrees in total latitude by the distance measured in degrees that exists between any parallel and the line of the equator. The latitude of a point is measured north or south of the parallel zero degrees. If the latitude is north, it means that the analyzed area is located in the Northern Hemisphere. And if it is southern, it means that it is in the Southern Hemisphere as and As. We said, latitude is. Measured in degrees between 0 and 90 and can be presented in two ways, indicating which hemisphere the coordinate belongs to or adding positive north and negative south values, So 10 degrees in north latitude could represent 10 degrees north or more than 10 degrees and 10 degrees.

South could be 10 degrees south human 10 degrees, longitude, longitude is the measure of the arc between the meridian of Greenwich, which is the meridian 0 and the meridian that passes through the point can measure from 0. To 180 degrees and be east-west, depending on the position of the point with respect to the Greenwich meridian, Thus, 20 degrees east could be represented as 20 degrees east, plus 20 degrees and 20 degrees west could be 20 degrees west, minus 20 degrees. We must always remember that to obtain the latitude we will rely on the parallels and to obtain the longitude we will rely on the meridians to be able to know in what coordinates a specific point is located. We must take into account The following,First, we must locate the equator and the Greenwich meridian on the map. This will divide our map into four quadrants, which, If you remember them correctly, is the Cartesian plane, only in this one, we add degrees and the cardinal points now. We are going to see how to read a point and how to write the geographical coordinates based on the following map point.

A is located, 50 degrees, north, 100 degrees, west point b, is located, 40 degrees, north 80 degrees east, the points we would locate 20. Degrees south, 40 degrees west. And finally, point d is located at 10 degrees, south, 20 degrees east.

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Dated : 22-Mar-2022