Modern Luxury Homes For Sale Southwest Las Vegas | Rainbow Crossing Luxury By Pulte Homes $602k+

Good morning everybody welcome back to the channel I'm. David Carroll your Las Vegas realtor with signature real estate group. And today, we're here at rainbow crossing luxury by pool. T, homes have a look total of five floor plans to choose from located out here in southwest Las Vegas right in between the I-215 and blue diamond, probably about 20 minutes to the Las Vegas airport, right off of rainbow boulevard today, we're going to be featuring the Duncan model, it's, a four bedroom, two and a half bath.

With a two-car garage, 3021 square feet, today's, starting price is 592. 880 prices may be going up let's. Take a closer look all right we're in front of the Duncan, four bedrooms, 3072 square feet. Let's have a look beautiful. Landscaping do have your paper stones here included as well, looking at seven foot garage, door and let's.

Take a peek. Can we see in there? I do like the style now you will have three elevation choices to choose from you can go stone or no stone now let's head inside welcome to the. Duncan here is your entryway just going to pull it all the way back for you guys, hang on tight all right there. It is first thing I notice is the upgraded tile flooring looks like a seven inch, 7-inch, 7x48, light, grout and then right next door. We have our upgraded fireplace all electric.

This will warm you up. And here is your center slide. Upgrade those optional windows on top don't come included.

This is a 6 8 doors and have a look out there, isn't it gorgeous. Now they've got about 40 or 50 lots left here. At rainbow crossing luxury it's about 20 to 30 000 lot premium currently and about forty-three hundred on the lot of size, no SIDS and lids here rainbow crossing. There is a HOA those forty-five dollars a month.

They don't have a gate, but they do have a park close by its about a twelve month, build time from dirt, and they're, releasing about eight to ten homes every month or so three spec homes are coming, pretty soon too in probably about three months. And let me just pan it around for you. There's a lot of energy coming from this back room in the gathering room here it's about 14 11 by 16 3, you have the option behind me to do the center glass, slider and the interior fireplace. Now this does come standard like this with this little chubby here for studying. I do want to point out the Ethernet. The one in one, this is all upgraded above as well, beautiful. What do you guys think now in the kitchen you have multiple options?

You can do you can do the accent above, which is like a drop-down. You can do the built-in refrigerator space. This one didn't, do if it's got the standard spot for it. Now you got the chef's kitchen, the culinary kitchen, the gourmet kitchen all will change the style and size of your island. You can do the waterfall edge island. And of course, you can do the full height refrigerator space.

Here, look at this cabinetry all upgraded in white 36 inches double stacked beautiful. And look at this granite top. This is inch and a half flat edge looks like about a four inch. Baseboard, definitely upgraded orange peel texture. Three pendant lights.

I like the pendant lights. But one thing to think about is when you do add the pendant lights, it works great on this, amazingly, huge island. But sometimes it can take away from the openness. So there's something to think about looks like we have our pantry here on the side. Six eight interior doors we're, looking at does have the upgraded hardware.

And where are those cookies? Are those cookies up? There looks like a cookie jar to me. Let's check it out, I do like how they've upgraded this got the wire baskets, very modern and traditional at the same time. Now you do have a nice overlay on this cabinetry. It is an upgraded shaker upgraded pools as well side glide so that wasn't upgraded.

So they went, you can also upgrade the soft close. But I think this is just pleasant enough on its own. If you don't want to go over budget on the soft, close got the subway styles and white LEDs. Now this whirlpool package is upgraded as well got the five.

Burner where is the griddle micro above and is she venting out absolutely storage for days? Wow, so many cabinets. I would lose all my dishes.

Now on this side, you do have your whirlpool dishwasher, upgraded as well, top mount controls, and your Kohler apron edge, sink, very classic farm. Style, chrome hardware. Now these models have been built here for a little while so that's, probably why it's still chrome?

I think they would have changed that by now. Now here off the living room, you do have this, um den. Area it's 1311 by 12 too. You have the option to turn this into the suite. You also have the option to put in the slider windows above are optional.

And the beautiful little square windows are optional as well. So they have turned this into the suite let's see got your full bath. I like that on the cultured marble that dry look got the rectangle under mounts and the hardware without the spread widespread so clean more of that cultured marble in the bath. So this is one way you can upgrade your tub and.

Shower combo, if you don't want to go full low threshold, modern hardware got the soap niche. I do like it when they turn these dens into the suite option, adding that extra room for resale value is just amazing. Do also have another one in one down here below.

So when you go here's, how it basically works, you got your base price. You got your elevation cost, which is the exterior. Then you have your structural options, which will do a contract. Then you go to the design studio and pick out all your. Hardware all your design options and then last, but not least you'll have your low voltage appointment, where you'll choose any more high voltage or low voltage like Ethernet, coax cable. I want to check right behind here.

You almost have like this butler's pantry, but it is your washroom. Uppers are optional washer and dryer don't come included large window looks like we have two Linux units out there. If we look across, we have a 200 amp panel with a 50 amp shut off, got your gas meter on the side photo. Cell for lighting here's, your two-car garage, locked and your legion alarm system, pretty good feeling laundry. I like it has one large fluorescent light in it.

Definitely brighten things up. I like this room, it has lots of energy down here. I don't know how long I've been down here, but it certainly has a comfortable vibe. And you just hang out all day. Now here in the front, we do have a half bath or guest, which is currently the guest bathroom all standard in there, although that hardware is upgraded. Got your coat closet. Now, let's get ready to head upstairs.

We got the mission stair, railing, upgraded carpet, a little matted. Look at that modern windows, four days. So you have a total of one landing. Now, as soon as you come up, this would be standard as the bedroom.

Currently, they turn it into the game room, which is pretty interesting. Usually it starts out as the game room and then goes to the bedroom. But the game room in this fashion is 24.9 by 12 feet wide, really long and wide. You also have the. Options for the interior fireplace here at the game room, I think this area would be amazing as a suite add the fireplace in the suite if you could too, oh, my goodness.

Now, one thing about this game room is all these windows, one, two, three, four and then two moderns on the side. They've got the poker table let's shuffle up and deal. Are you ready? Don't? Go all in with ace king. Now, look at that got your smart box panel.

This is where all your router will go. Your modem got alarm controls above. And then two. More modern windows currently, 64 degrees out here in the southwest we're about 2575 feet above sea level, 7 mile an hour winds sunset about 5. 35 pm.

Today at the four recess lights, multiple pre-wires, more LEDs here in the hall. Now, what do we have here's bedroom? Three, fourteen, three by eleven, six nice and large we're, looking at eight foot ceilings. It does have the light equipped. Six eight slides in closet.

Pretty good size room. Do you like the traditional design? You can also do in this bath. You can. Add the garden tub and shower.

This one has more let's double-check. So this one does look like it has the garden oval versus a square does have upgraded to the cultured marble and three beautiful windows. I like it more of that, matte cultured marble on the vanity now right across this comes standard as storage too.

But you can turn this in one to bathroom number three, and they have walk-in shower, modern windows, single, sink on the vanity. Now right next door. We have some Lenin do approve now here's. Bedroom, number two, eleven, six by eleven, three right behind the primary first thing I notice is those five inch baseboards on the floor, definitely gives it a good look and the way they painted it up in here has an interesting vibe got your six eight doors see how they put the paint here almost look like the baseboards came up, then they got the two-tone paint separating it. Now here is the owner's suite 17, 4x13, 8., it's, a large, one, modern windows, lots of light.

Welcome to southwest Las Vegas. Just. Love looking out the windows here. So you got the strip right over here. We're probably about 15 20 minutes to the strip and to the airport, very close access. I like it because we're kind of in the southwest corridor. So you have, you can just jump on the freeway and head out also got a lot of dining options out here.

I've noticed that a lot of local dining options. Now, here's the primary bath. Now it looks like they went with the standard shower on this one.

You have options to do the separate tub. Separate shower or that luxury shower, and it's, bringing all the way across it would probably delete this closet here. Wow, what a closet for storage? I do like this shower, though I like the quarter inch glass, dual faces, I love having the wand and the bench and the extended vanity. Now I want to show you this closet. Now causes of Las Vegas did get to it.

But look at this, you got LED lights. This looks like an expensive one. Whenever you see that piece in the middle, you could definitely raise the budget. On it beautiful, look at that, just going to spin it all the way around one large fluorescent above and all those LEDs. I do approve there's your water closet.

What do you guys think that's? The Duncan model here rainbow crossing luxury southwest Las Vegas if you'd like any more information, give me a call anytime. And if you liked the video hit like hit subscribe, and we'll see on the next one thanks for watching.

Dated : 22-Mar-2022