MUST HAVE: OUTRIDERS And Pre-Order Giveaway Winner!

Hey, guys, how's it going duj2 here and welcome to this week's must have video, and we're a little late. But here we go guys this week. We are going to talk about once more outriders guys, an amazing game. It is the must-have of this week, and guess what you still have a few more days that you can play with it in the free demo we're going to talk about that in a second we're also going to thanks to. Dr, Ziggy and the hashtag thank stalk, uh, we're going to give away a copy of outriders right now. Uh, A pre-release copy, a pre-order copy that the winner is going to have a couple of days to let me know and get in contact with me.

So we can get them that pre-order copy, um. And all of this is sponsored by. Dr, Ziggy. Uh.

Not only is he sponsoring this giveaway. But on Wednesday, during the Wednesday stream, which is going to be a mini Miami stream. If you guys have been here, a while, you know what mini pinyin streams are we do a big stream the last day of every single month, uh, we give away stuff. And. This time this month is going to be amazing again. Thanks to. Dr, Ziggy.

Because we are going to give away four copies. Guys. We are going to give away four copies of our outriders. So if you're looking for a copy of outriders you're, wanting to play the game, um, not just in the demo, but the full version, of course, if you've already played the game a little, I know, you're, hooked, I know, you're. Hooked everyone's, hooked we're going to talk about that.

But first let's, go ahead and start with the giveaway. Which I'm going to say right now, um, you know what? Uh we have to do it this way, so we're going to the YouTube a random comment, picker, uh, for those of you who were here last week last Sunday, I said that all you had to do to enter to uh to give away to win.

This copy was you had to in the comments, write hashtag thank stalk. I showed it on screen. I showed it. Furthermore, I said, thanks, just like that written just like that, um. And let me show you guys what happened. And you know what I'm not going to change.

The rules because we've always been very, very specific on this channel when we've done giveaways, um, it's, also for the questions. When do people do the q, a question, which that video will come out later today. And of course, we have more, uh giveaways to give away then, um, when we uh in the in those videos, I've always told you guys, you know, just very specifically do certain, uh, com comments, do certain words so that we can pick them up when we do these giveaways.

Let me show you what happened. This. Time, um, so we're going to filter duplicate users. We're going to go to filter comments. And this is the video right here. And I said to do hashtag. Thanks doc, right, that's.

What I said to do, uh, there were hundreds of views on this video. And there were a lot of people who tried to enter. Can you guys see that?

Um, we have one unique. Comment, one person only one person, uh, said, thanks doc and during streams. And during videos, I said, you know, what if you want to enter go check out the video follow the. Instructions, and you know, you've got to do that that hashtag.

Thanks stop and the winner. We only have one winner pomegranate puppet. Congratulations, you are the winner of the copy. Uh, you just gotta get a hold of me, uh, come to the stream today. Uh, send me a message on discord, an email, Tweed, whatever you want to do. Congratulations, you won yourself the copy of you won yourself to copy. And again, like I said, I know there are a lot of people.

Uh, a lot of people try to enter typing in. Thanks doc, like. Thanks space, doc, uh, some people said, thanks. Dr, Ziggy. Some people did a lot of stuff, but it was just hashtag.

Thanks stock. The reason why we have to be so specific is because that's, you know how what we need it's like when people are entering the 5, 000, giveaway, uh, you guys know that we are doing a fortnight 5000. People giveaway on the channel as well, uh and to enter that one. Well, first check the link down below in the description, uh for the 5000 video, but it's, very, very specific. Because we require specific so when we enter it, the specific word into when we enter specifically into the common picker, it can pick the right one, also, let me say this it. You don't have to enter 80 times. I know, there's been some people who are entering like dozens of time over and over and over again, just one because we filter all the duplicate users.

But anyway, uh, that's. It that's. It. Congratulations puppet. You won yourself the copy. And like I said, like I said, you know what. Don't, don't, don't worry, guys, uh, if you still want to win on Wednesday, Wednesday, march, 31st, I'm going to be starting, uh, sometime in the early afternoon or late morning, I'm going to start streaming, and we're going to stream all day long, it's going to be a long stream.

And during that stream, you are going to have four more chances guys, four more chances to win a copy of outriders. Yes, we are going to do that guys and again, huge. Thanks to.

Dr, Ziggy, I know, there's. A lot of people wondering how we're going going to do. Those giveaways, I just come to the streams, we're, probably just going to be doing a random probably it's going to be a long stream. So maybe, um, maybe in the second part of the stream, we'll pull one winner every hour, starting I don't know, I want to say, uh, we could probably start maybe like at 3 or 4 p.m, central maybe a little more in the afternoon to give more people a chance to be around. But if you want a copy about writers, and it is going to be a pre-order copy.

So not only are you going to get the. Game, but you're also going to get the what's it called again, uh, let's. Take a look at it, real quick, because you know what we need to talk about. We need to talk a little more about this. Um is it here? Yes. So is this set I don't think this is it.

But uh, here we can go to the pre-order, uh, if you get the pre-order, you get the hell's ranger that's. What it is the hell's ranger, uh. So you're going to get the full hells' ranger, um pack, which is going to come, you know, free in the end that, uh, we do know that. Outriders are not going to have any microtransactions, but it may have DLC in the future.

And we know that there's going to be updates in the form of the expeditions. Don't worry, I'll, be talking about that more very soon in a separate video, but uh, let's move into the last partition of this video, which is going to be the must-have of this week, which I have to tell you guys, the must-have is outriders. I don't know if you've had a chance to play this yet, I don't know if you have a chance to take a look at. It yet I'll leave a link down below. You can go straight to the outrider's page. If you like buying games on the epic store, you can use it using my creator code or create a tag it's called there.

Uh, just search up outriders. Again, there'll be a link down below in the description you can go straight to there. You can pre-order on the epic store.

If you want, you can get it on steam Xbox or PlayStation, um. And of course, there's still a free demo, there's, a free demo that you can play right now. We also know. That it's going to be coming to the Xbox for the like that monthly subscription thing.

So if so a lot of people on Xbox are going to get it to be able to play it for free from the beginning and uh, yeah, you can try out the demo right now. It is a fantastic game. You want to check out some gameplay. I have a few videos on this channel already where I went through, and I did play through the entire demo, um. And I got to tell you guys this game is incredible.

It is its an incredibly fun game. Beautiful. Graphics, I can only imagine how amazing it'll look if you have a PS5 or one of the new boxes, um it's, an amazing game, it's, an amazing game.

It looks like it's going to be very, very complex. But at the same time, very playable, uh, big, storyline, it's going to have upgrades and the updates in the form of these expeditions. And the demo is just a tiny, tiny, little fraction that then was just a tiny little fraction of what the game potentially will be, but I'm going to, leave it their guys. Thanks a lot for watching as. Always I am doj2 congratulations poplin for winning that copy. Uh, you know, what we have to stick to the rules guys? We have to stick to the rules.

So thank you very much. Everyone who tried to enter, uh, but keep an eye out, we're, always doing giveaways on the channel and uh, like I said, if you would like to try and win a copy of outriders, we have four more to give away huge. Thanks to. Dr, Hague for that. Four more copies to give away we're going to give be giving them away during the stream on Wednesday, So hope to see you guys there as always if you enjoy this video guys, if you enjoy the content, I do on this channel. Please do me a huge favor and have yourself a fantastic day. Thanks a lot for watching guys and I'll.

See you guys in the next one, um. And yeah, outriders guys. It's going to be a lot of fun I'm kind of jealous of the console players because they're going to be able to play it at midnight and on pc we're going to have to wait a little, but you know what?

Uh it's worth waiting for it's its. Awesome it's worth waiting. Thanks a lot for watching guys I'll. See you next time? See ya you.

Dated : 22-Mar-2022