Natasha Walter-Fisk, LMFT, LPC, LPCC | Therapist In California

Hi my name is Natasha Walter Fisk, and I'm, a therapist I'm, a marriage and family therapist in California, a licensed professional clinical counselor in Minnesota and a licensed professional counselor in Colorado. And so I combine a few different licenses and I work entirely online because I travel. So, um, I work with a lot of people in international locations. But also, um, you know with people in the comfort of their homes. My specialty is anxiety. So, um, you know, anxiety comes from stress.

And from high. Expectations and um, holding yourself to a really high standard. And I work with a lot of people who are in high performing roles and also people who, um aren't, but who have had anxiety for a long time, sometimes panic attacks. And we do a lot of perfect work to help you manage the anxiety and then deal with it right get to the roots of it and get to the point where you actually understand where the anxiety comes from, but then process why you have it? Why it's stuck in your body? Why it's stuck in.

Your head, why those thoughts go around and around and come to a place where it is so much better. I've worked with people who have, you know, spent twelve thousand dollars on her visits for panic, and then not had panic again. So, um, I had a lot of success. If you grew up with a father who yelled at you and your mother didn't, protect you or any person important in your life, who criticized you who put their values over saying, who are you and letting you be, you that's a tough way to grow up. And if you've. Been physically or sexually abused. If you've been raped, if you've experienced domestic violence, if you've been bullied, if you just felt like you didn't fit like school, wasn't for you, like you couldn't find your people, um, then EMDR can really help process that so EMDR is you might have seen that Prince Harry and Oprah are doing a special about EMDR and how it works.

What I love about, it is it's completely unique to you. So you would put together an image and a negative thought and all the emotions. And the physical places in your body, where you're storing memories of times that you felt unsafe where you couldn't control things or where you felt like you weren't, a good person like you were being criticized, or you felt guilty or to blame for something that maybe you weren't to blame for all those things are traumas that get stuck because our brain can't process them. We go to sleep at night, and we try and file through the day we sort, and we store. And we put it in long-term memory, but trauma, Gets stuck, it gets stuck in our images. It gets stuck in our feelings. It gets stuck in our bodies, and we can't digest.

If it's like it's impossible to metabolize. So in therapy using EMDR therapy, we process it. We chunk it down.

And we find a positive thought that you would like to think. And by the end of processing it unfolds in this sort of natural way that just is completely unique to you like I said, and you'll find yourself saying, but I'm, good I'm, a good person. I deserve love. I create my own. Safety now, uh that wasn't my fault. I felt like it was my fault, but it wasn't, or I was a little kid. I didn't know better.

So you come out of EMDR processing with this positive thought that you just feel so solid with and that's. What I love about EMDR is how it resolves issues way down at the root way down at where it's stuck in your body, and it gets it unstuck. It gets it unstuck from your mind. So that you come to this place where you feel positive about yourself lately, I've been working with.

People who say I have never felt better about myself in my whole life. I have felt anxious since I was a kid. I have felt these expectations placed on me.

And now I'm like I'm good with who I am I'm good with whom I grew up to be. Thank you very much. So we come to this place where you know you the person that you are you recognize how wonderful you are.

And I love my clients. I come to just find the best parts of them. And it just is such a great experience of arriving at that place where that is not a. Burden that I'm carrying anymore, I feel so relieved much lighter so much better so much more me so that's, what therapy is about, and it's a gift that you give to yourself it's, an investment that you make, and it's a lifetime investment that pays off it's, a's, wisdom that you gain insight and way of caring for yourself, that's, really, really valuable and so meaningful. And so important. One of the things I love about online therapy is that you can do it anywhere. You can travel.

I can travel and. You can also just be in your own home. What I say to people often is all is welcome here and believe me, there's ugly crying and snot and tears, and you like to have your blanket. And if you have a dog or a cat or a pet, or you know, aromatherapy or things that you use in your own home to help, you calm it's great to do online therapy at home. You don't have to walk through my waiting room after session. You don't have to face anybody you don't have to settle down until you can drive. And you know, when.

You have those like yes, moments. You can dance around your house. Furthermore, you can blast your tunes and celebrate the therapy moment that you just went through and got to this beautiful place.

Furthermore, you don't have to wait and so there's, a real value in doing online therapy. I've been doing online therapy since 2018 way before the pandemic and have found ways to adapt EMDR to online. No problem. I use an app if you want a dot to follow across the screen or sound to have in your headphones or just from your screen and. You can also just tap like Prince Harry does when he's talking to his therapist in London by a laptop.

So, um it's, a great modality and doing it online is effective. And I really, really like the flexibility that you don't have to travel that it saves you time. And you don't have to park, especially in San Francisco.

Okay. The Bay Area is so hard to park. So, um, I would love to talk with you. You can book a call through zen care, or you can go to my website, and schedule, a Zoom call. Whichever way you'd like to contact me, I really look forward to talking to you and hearing about your life and what's going on whether we might be a good fit and how I might help you.

Dated : 22-Mar-2022