Taking The Day 1 / Tier 1 Genin Exams | Shinobi Origin

He's really going to try to run this whole match right here. 1 so EPCI copies, nothing you two could die. So you know, he's trying to hide this one match.

This guy, can't come up with all those. Oh, my god, Cobra, basically, this going to be like the time when I first did the getting exams when the game dropped the other day. And when I did the Kenny exams. Last night after I was torn up with the rest of the YouTubers and whatnot. So in second footage because I'm teared up you're going to see some of my moves and.

Stuff are different colors and whatnot. Honestly, I'm grinding. The game out like crazy, right now. I don't have time to upload you guys anything really I feel like, oh, you guys this so that's, why I'm uploading this? Let me just get this out of here. So that I can go back to grinding the game.

But yeah, without further ado let's get into this. All right? You see Disney over here in the corner.

Okay, okay. Does the okay hit in here with the who's Arash. Okay. Okay. Big cobbles, big, Cowboys. Okay, that work look at. This get, oh yeah.

Mm. Mm, mm, hmm. All right get in the desert get in their get in there, he's, scared, he's, scared, brother, he's, scared. Brother, old times took some big damage from that. Hold on.

Okay, big combos, big, combos, only win with the lava floor, or we got me. Miss that's on you, Mr. doe, all right as he going to pull over I go pull around bro. Oh, my god does he got hit big damage to get on this big, big damage, but I seem like you're, not even affected by the. He was doing what those old I had to. Come find SU is that over there or even know who that is this will do my solo song that doesn't I can't, even sometimes Eddie or he to ESTA tuition at me, oh, no that must be damaged, almost, almost big damage on the hold on because of the fever Gnocchi, what time bro let me hit you once bro I, don't hit you once I'm stopped. Oh, my gosh, Wow stuck for so long, I got so feet. Oh, no technique.

Secrets, I eat. Thank you. Oh my god, I hate or his black head block all right I swim around or daughter that place. Tactic okay, I'll hit with the Boozer wash. Oh, my, gosh, no. Well. Loser. Why she's thought is crazy.

The booze Arash started, oh, my gosh, I, don't know how to do this? Yeah, I know how to do this a hoorah, what just hit? Well just kill me, I don't, even don't kill me, hey that wasn't watching subseries Oh me versus the guy who uses window.

Okay, okay. Oh, yeah. I. Can't, wait for that.

What? Oh my god, yeah, this dude is Siri said, I got a free wood. You can spin it right now. Stick them on my last one. One. More win I need.

Well, let's get it good. It is B versus that guy, I, oh, my god I. Finally, did it? Oh my god, I. Finally, did it? Let me unlock my last move put this on no exactly my protocol already, yeah, I got one not a pizza.

Dizzy, oh, you all up in here. Damn I'm off to fight shop. Damn it's. A real.

One may the best man win. I mean, I think you all out of here. Oh, no, no I'm in this BTW versus two tokens in does he get a match before?

Hey, the speed difference. Bro, you are good I like gold. You could do she's seen. Some point a lot of people don't use much I have, yeah, that was why I just use it probably because they don't know, but I got these health potions. I have to get my chakra. The chakra bro dog, I forgot to I'm on my diet. Nah he's, I, don't know what he's doing hiding my points right now as we speak Boris to patrol days right now in the middle, you think this is boggling for cigars.

And this dude, let me put my points in dog, woofs fighting who's, fighting man, just my need to momentum. One does he fighting bro. I'm fine, oh, how do we have never seen this morning?

Like I? Don't know who does he have a weapon or am I stupid? Oh, he going to try to bait you meet you close to hit you with the man.

This one baby brother just fine level. Oh, no, not to you. You know now I'm about to go back here. Bro this. One, dude, I intend using Robson.

But this dude is just like actually into the game clearly like because I'm small. And when you smaller, but you don't cover is less distant, you know, ground, that's what it is I'm, not understand I. Used to being this size anymore, watch it that means done. Alright.

Thank you. Don't have to pay five minutes, maximum bruh, hey, what's up TW, busy versus blink. That's like God. Alright, let's see I already got two masses. I got one I know that black looks sturdy bro, I know, cap I kind of want to go with that.

Wow. They really did a slight - a car - I'm. Sorry, bro. Oh, oh. My god, I get one fight in the game. Maybe's already had three wings. Some already finished reading your win Brad.

But hey, I'm in a fight let's. Get it made it is my god I think the game is just ignoring the fact that stuff like I'm right here. Brad come on show me some love to another chocolate on Bigfoot. Thanks it'll, be a 250 Chalker at max. Oh, that's going to be crazy opera. Imagine two three those this one takes you to be really going to try to run this whole match wits here once though actually table. Thank you food, big, guys.

So you know, he's trying to hide this bunch. Yeah, you see this guy a lot of chocolate bros. This guy's. So annoyed, do. You see what he's doing is mass hiding? Why is this guy? Oh, my god, bro, the, , a deal with him.

Well, this kid really just did this bro bogey really did this your dead now bran the entire time does it matter? Your courage brother's way I really try to have you tasted like I got more healthy fight me, but then you so like, of course, I want. Okay, there you go. Desi fight.

This is the guy, no, no that's, not him where you come all right goodness. Get prepare from now don't you unless you, if you gonna. Wash you in don't, you have to prepare all right, how many pieces? Well, I'm not looking forward to knitting. Well, that's good.

People are believing it's crazy. This is what you've already promised you in that. Locale. Yeah, I know, miss important that I mean, mittens that two people are sitting here right now.

Oh, lit the streaming room. Yeah, I'm going to hop on like when it's like ten minutes and watch on my phone or something, you know, just looking at the black hole. Some people die doing like this like video. Yeah, I'm it got that countdown, then usually that's. What happened is calling me like a big bang, I know, they are the trailer really Oh, Brandon brand-new map.

Thank you. Guys doing seen it. Oh, that's. All to tell you earlier bro have you seen the trailer it's?

Just for people, we better be able to complete this bear that's pretty much it with the getting exam. So as you guys can see the first clip that was the first day that when the game came out when I did the Kenny exams. And then this one second footage. That you guys just watch I, literally did probably last night.

Yeah, did that last night with all the other YouTubers from one honestly just grinding this game so much that like I barely have time to upload all the footage that I have so much footage, but don't let's, gripping I give boy winning got 50 grips bro, I, got lightning hope Oh purple I got beer stuff this game. No you already know, man should have really been grinding out here like crazy. But yeah, if you guys want to see more of this like. I'm going to put like the 20 exams and the Johnny exams for my first time. And my tier 1 experience, I'm going to put all those experiences up.

Now, yeah, if you guys like this drop like subscribe, if you guys can do it until next time, guys, peace out you.

Dated : 22-Mar-2022