The Aldridge Sisters & The Otwell Twins With True Love (1980)

Fences without graffiti, healthy trees, more parks and playgrounds. These are some of the community problems that I continue to work on. Whenever I can many of us in the Hispanic community have done well in the United States, and we and our sponsors want to give something back to the country that has helped us so much.

We often get together with the churches to discuss how we can help make our community, a better place to live trying to decide where the funds we have raised will do the most good. We. Support clean up projects all over the San Diego county and twice each year, participate, physically and financially in the environmental cleanup of the Los Angeles zoo. But our major effort is to support educational projects, such as the adult night school program that helps Hispanic immigrants become U.S. citizens Cole porter's words in the next song you give to me. And I give to you can easily be applied to working for your community and believe me it will be looked upon as an act of true love.

Carl. Porter wrote this next song for Bing, Crosby and Grace Kelly, I think you'll find that the Aldrich sisters and the odd world twins do an excellent job with true love. True, love always be true, but to give to you and I to you, and you give to me true with nothing to do my you.

Dated : 22-Mar-2022