The Charisma, Nerve & Talent Show Pt. 2 👑💋 RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14

I want to welcome you to the CNT first up, George's fate. We might just end up crashing, but I'm ready if it happens to you, you're. The only thing I can, we do George's is looking so sexy right now. And this thing is blown back honey for the 99 in 2000, she looks sickening. Holy George's is knee-high to a grasshopper, but she is up this stage right now. Yes, , yes, , yes, , yes, up next it's.

Jasmine got Kennedy. I need that knows how to throw her legs up like nothing when jasmine does. That backflip in six inches, okay, she came here to work. This party is just getting started with diabetes, waiting for me to arrive sending out the message to all of my friends we'll be looking flashy in my Mercedes. Yeah, I feel like I'm watching a clown at a birthday party. And I mean that in the best way I mean that in the best way because that's what she's going for, I think up next lady, Camden, big told lady, Camden to be kind of careful because ballet can be a bit boring.

But I think she's doing really. Well and she's letting her personality shine next up, it's, Dena, Scott, well, howdy I'm, cheer captain Dena, and I'm here to show you how anyone can be a cheerleader in three easy stamps. Step number one. What we're going to do is hands-on hips and smiles on those lips. I want you to smile as big as when they restock.

The buffet step number two is a jump nap. If you're like me, gravity is not my friend just get off the ground as much as you can let's. Go.

Okay. Thank you. Eh. I don't know, girl, she's, uh, doing. Something now the third and final step is a geriatric cartwheel, if you have bad, knees, stay close to the ground. Okay, hands up.

And hopefully you get around, you ready to put it all together. Yeah, hit it. I think for a talent show they just wanted like a brunch, yay, you know, thank you so much, and it's up a bit like here's a helping of the blues with metamorphosis mm-hmm. Maddie obviously knows what she is doing with this good target. However, little boring bit. And now Algeria Paris, van Michel. If.

It's drag you want. Then I've got lots of it. Hey, she's going from ATL she's Hollywood, but still country. I've got more than just these sexy. Sexy. Sexy.

Gowns, pretty sure titty here's. The thing sometimes drag queens record songs, and you're, like you just shouldn't have done that get your lies, , but is Angie succeeding. Right now check do you want everything Paul's drag race at your fingertips then head over to YouTube now and subscribe to the Paul's drag race channel, and you will get all. The episodes of everything you ever want, including brand-new episodes of what you're packing, hi.

Dated : 22-Mar-2022