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So what a nerd again, this is the one and only Packer girl, 89 and today's manga nerd Began. Live reaction video is going to be for Gautama chapter 637 and last chapter. Oh, it was so funny when calmly and Laura were like fighting each other, but yet they're fighting and fighting the 300-year-old NATO lawyer at the same time and I love how it ended up becoming a game of crotches. Oh, my gosh. It was so funny anyway, let's get to this chapter and see if the old NATO is down if you've won or what the

is going on. So what is the outcome of this battle of NATO blood in this chapter is called be careful of scattering, too many flags, hmm, a tree, a traverse, the health fields for centuries and I memories a thousand of battles. There should not be anything that I cannot see with blood like this. But even though I am your enemy.

I am not reflected in your eyes. You are doing battle with someone else. Yeah, they're doing battle with each other what's. Those eyes are gazing at is not the enemy in front of. The north sibling beside them, wait, what curious about that like who do you think they're eyeing because it wasn't them. It wasn't him. It wasn't the old man, Yalta I'll, see you where it goes next it's, a perhaps what they look at is a great far-off strength or choice.

Brethren noble Yalta blood has still not been extinguished. Oh, my god is dick just came out, holy , I'm, elder, um, this can't be the legend of the battlefield lost to the Dean black on second was that a dick or was that something. Horrible what yeah, his dick is out. This is deep fat baked for real. Oh, my god like I think you think this really is dick let's.

Dig is huge umm. I. Do not see anyone doing a death confirmation. Yes, relax, he's, just ripped the way old venture group is all could you maybe use it any other now? Go take your voltage. Green dispersed, crazy, sorry.

But we don't consider guys like you to be our brother, if you want to fight, we won't spare any time in crushing. You guys, relying on an old legend against guys, trying. To make a new legend will show you we're, not the same species as you, it kind of feels like this is like a Veg eta vs. Roku moment because remember Veg eta is that proud princess staying stuck to the old ways and Roku is wants to create a new as it says in here, a new Legend and that's. What Roku was doing there Roku is doing, so I kind of feel like there's that little inspiration there or a reference here we go, hey, hear that you bastards looks like at least until the enemies in the ground out slaves.

Driving captains are sorry. Our slave driving captain's learned to show a little appreciation for us haha, which we appreciate the appreciative ones captain. What did you catch some kind of ad space cold? What brought this on nothing's changed? Changed I have no use for the weak I simply want to tidy up these small fries quickly, so I can move on to the real target. If you get what I'm saying here, oh, I know, what come for common? We've going with this I do not mind having one more small fry to fight who.

Said, you were my target I want to tidy you up to look you little shrimp. Oh, my god, yo, whoa. What you know, I have to say this. The thing I'm happiest about is seeing you two made up.

But if we're settling scores, I think I've got first dibs, big, bro and I think it may have gotten some inviting looks. Sorry, fried, I, can't. Let you have this one boss, oh, my baby. I, love him, I'm Peseta. So freaking, much I'm, Jin, Shan. You guys looks like you've got rematch flag being raised all over the place.

I hope, you're, not. Expecting to have a happy ending with just one main target, maybe getting skewered by the north-south east and west heroines from Chico 100%, much better I hope, you're ready for a scene of carnage ending Monica and well Monica is. And this is what the translation note says here is. It means center is the middle leave that for Cardinal. The four cardinal directions roles are after in the jump anime flash mob each go. 100% I've, never read that or watched it I might have to though he also said the same.

Voice actor in the Chico 100% anime as so go does in the Katina anime. This is Marat Kim, CHI. Well, that's interesting this. And it says here that the person I was doing the translation. It took like half an hour to decipher this. Anyway, I don't know if that will work with that Monaco's voice, you sure are serious after going at it with me, just once despite how lucky you're actually quite pure, would you please not say it that way surrounded by enemies to the north-south east and west that's, a. Happy end for me, no need to worry I'm, not like the other harem romantic comedy I wouldn't do something as frivolous as spread my feet around without taking responsibility.

I always make sure to kill every last one of the heroines, mmm, Connery. You hug damn. Did he just some? Oh, man. So right now I'll be patient, but we can't have anyone dying until I kill you a whole man. So now we got Into and Akita and the rest of the session Tsunami here.

Now this is awesome. I just see this animated. Oh man, don't. Let anybody die? Huh. Never thought the day would come when we got that order, hey, tell all units to retreat already, the universe's, most dangerous, Big Brother.

And the universe is the dumbest bro. Have you totally nobody's going to stop these siblings? Now, if you don't want to go down with the earth, you might want to try looking up to the sky and praying we'll take care of the rest. Otherwise, just watch out for cold. You want to you wouldn't want to catch one. Good hit. I'm handling the 7th division.

Would be a tough time on its own, but with reinforcements retreat make a tactical retreat to regroup, but there's no time to argue, just, oh, what the just happened. He had said, hey, yes, Nanak. What the hell is he doing here? No, this is not the same Nanak from Sasha. No.

This is a different guy. Look? Why? Why are they here? Good question, just as you say it would seem that day of the Liberation Army, no longer have the power to end.

You know, perhaps it would be more accurate to say that the power. You mask to protect a to attempt to protect the planet has surpassed their power to destroy it through. Oh here, oh my god. Does this mean does this mean we're at the final battle? No, we can't be at the final battle, no, no because there's, we need Shine a here Shine. He needs to be here, and he has to be here.

But oh, my god I, can't, believe he's here, holy that army the army that was in a mad rampage created for creative eyes, fear of nougat, heights, Chi, it's already, just a gaggle of crows that. Has lost all leadership. It would seem they that as if they were afraid of endings that began Lance, they were not able to see something else.

Sorry, they were not able to end something else that is exactly the role I assigned to them. Thanks to all of you. The state of battle will be a quagmire until he knew a cog at the cheek becomes active. Thank you.

Oh my god. He just cut everybody in half. Oh, my freaking God, I. Appreciate your foolishness.

They were so powerless. They could not end anything his killers. Own people, oh, . But in order to spark the flame of the end, their foolish battle and your futile resistance were necessary.

Oh my god. What sir what are you doing? Oh, my god, he is pulling the goddamn strings. But now, but now that they the die has been cast. They are no longer needed. Oh, my god. And most of all I cannot stand looking at you anymore, spearing and reject an unavoidable end pathetically cleaning to life.

Those forms wandering without even realizing you're already dead are them. Slightly as the corpses, oh, my god wouldn't, ask, and they're meant to be beautiful and tranquil so far the screen an end you are not needed. So would you just go a few paces ahead and wait for us what's with this guy? What the is Lucifer doing didn't.

You think it was odd. Why would I the one that destroyed many planets' dragon holds and started this war choose to leave only the earth? Untouched pity for my home world?

Simple, um, Caprice. No I was saving it for all of you. Oh, my god, father, , oh. My god, oh, my god, nothing can escape that the final despair is begun.

Oh, my god. The Queen is going to blow up. Oh, my god it's going to happen. Oh, server just blew up the , wait hold on a second it's a room, or is it the laser that? Did it? No it's a laser that did it? Okay?

That's? What I thought because I was like thinking room as it would start destroying the planet. But no, it was a laser. It was right on cue. Oh, my god. This route is a god see him? Oh my gosh.

He is a troll. He waited for all of them to gather. Together before the planet begins to blow up, oh my god, oh, my god, god, this , life, it's, not, and he's, getting he's up there in the troop and Patrol Pantheon that's for sure, oh my god. This was all according to plan. Oh my god, oh my god that , oh, my god, I can't, believe that we're here we're at the Earth's destruction, and we know it is like the Enchain going to die. I wonder just to be just a with everyone he's going to save everybody. Well, he might save into, and he might save I.

Don't know feel safe calmly in Laura like if is everyone but like did Loki died, oh, my god like that would just be so up, oh, my god. What do you think is going to happen here in the next chapter? Because I don't think there's a way to stop the earth from blowing up like he all the old, maybe he's going to keep all of them alive like I know, we know he's going to keep it Loki alive, and he's probably going to keep commonly and Laura alive and okay and maybe Akita in the Shinsengumi as well. Because he wants all of them to suffer, but oh, my god like I'm, curious. What do you nerd against things going to happen? Do you think all of them? But can't key are going to die or so can Loki can suffer or do you think that they're going to keep like a keep like calmly and cover up and the Shinsengumi alive.

And while everyone else dies since Rookie's got to be alive here, she's got a patient, Rookie, I'm suppression to case, not even there, but we're waiting for this final battle between Shinto. Gay and Boots, ooh, that's got to happen. It's God habit, oh, my god, I can't believe he just arrived. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I'm, curious.

What you nerd again think is going to happen next week. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below are you guys really hype that the planets blowing up? Well, it was kind of sucks, but the plants blowing up. But oh, my god I just can't believe who's here, he's, here, holy . Anyway, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below and remember to.

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Dated : 22-Mar-2022